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October 2022

How safe are home lifts?

When thinking about whether a home lift is right for you, one of the main concerns most people have is safety. Is a home lift safe and if so how safe are they really?

Can I fall out of the lift? 

The short answer is no, the longer answer is that all luxury home lifts are designed with the home user in mind. This means that residential lifts are fitted with the standard self closing hinged door which creates a barrier to stop you falling out the lift whilst it’s moving. 

How much control of the lift do I really have? 

A lot of people worry that because they don’t have an engineers degree, that they won’t be able to be in full control of the domestic lifts during usage. This is the complete opposite in actual fact, whilst the lift is functioning / moving the user is in control because domestic lifts are fitted with ‘hold to run’ controls. 

What happens if it breaks down with me or someone else inside it?

With any domestic or even commercial lift, there are standard safety features for all lifts like emergency lighting, hand crank manual lowering system, emergency alarm, door interlock system (the doors won’t open unless at a secure landing zone). There is emergency procedures to follow to allow someone else to know that you are stuck and to come and help you or manually guide you through how to release yourself.

Alongside this there is backup power, handrails, emergency phones and more to keep you safe whilst having a home lift and using one. In conclusion, home lifts are as safe if not safer than lifts for commercial use

If you are still unsure if a home lift is safe enough for your home, get in touch with our home lift experts who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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