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Outdoor Residential Platform Lifts

Many homeowners invest in an external platform lift at their property, in order to give themselves the very greatest, quickest, and easiest access to every part of their home.

For this reason, you might look to a highly reputable designer, manufacturer, and installer of platform lifts – such as Alliance Platform Lifts – with a view to having the ideal residential external platform lift created for your needs, on a bespoke basis.

About our residential external platform lifts

The central day-to-day advantage of having an external platform lift designed, fabricated, and fitted at your property, is the enhanced access it will give you to your garden, patio, or other external space, from your home. We also provide external goods platform lifts that perfectly fit into any workplace.

There are various renowned platform lifts in our product range that are well-suited to being installed in an outdoor environment at a residential site, including the APL1, APL3, and APL6.

All these platform lift options already offer a number of distinctive strengths, encompassing cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, convenience and comfort of use, and manufacture from impeccable-quality materials. However, the finer points of their design can also be configured and tweaked in line with even the most discerning and specialised of expectations.  

Features of our external lifts

The following are just some of the features that an outdoor residential platform lift, as created in accordance with a customer’s exact desired specifications, can incorporate:

  • Flexible and space-efficient design
  • Ease of operation
  • The highest safety and quality standards
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


Our external platform lifts for domestic settings are also highly cost-effective, and impressively reliable once they are in day-to-day operation. With the ability to have battery backup and other features incorporated, you really can have the very greatest peace of mind when using one of our external lifts to move around your home.

With one of our external residential platform lifts installed at your property, you can minimise the day-to-day strain on your body, and all the effort and pain that simply attempting to move around a building can bring when you are older or suffering from disability-related mobility issues.


For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

Why choose us?

Good Sound Advice

From day one you'll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be your single point of contact. From planning and design, to installation and aftercare, they will be with you every step of the way.

Bespoke Platforms

Exceptional design is at the core of our business. When installing a lift in your home or business, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We work with property owners and interior designers to ensure your new lift is not only in keeping with the design of the building, but that it also reflects your personality and style.

Project liaison and support from concept, to installation and handover

We put significant time and effort in building strong face-to-face relationships with all our clients. Only by working closely with our customers, and their representatives, can we ensure that our projects always exceed expectations.

Service and Support for life

Our aftercare and service packages provide complete peace of mind. Our aftercare team has over 50 dedicated field service engineers located across London and the South East who are only a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Concise and clear costs on all of our lift projects

No job is too large or small and all our customers are given the very best support available. Alliance Platform Lifts has built a unique business by having knowledgeable and approachable people. So please call us today, even if you are at the early stages and just considering the options available to you.

The benefits of having an external platform lift in your home

Why should you opt for an external lift solution from Alliance Platform Lifts? Below, we have outlined just a few of the excellent reasons:

  • It can be quick and easy to have designed, manufactured, and installed
  • It can save space, enabling you to effectively expand your usable living space
  • It is a unique feature that can represent an attractive ‘selling point’ for your property if you put it on the market at a later date
  • It is highly weather-resistant, so you can count on it continuing to look and function at its best over many years
  • We specialise in all-inclusive lift concepts consisting of ready-made modules, which allows for your external lift to be delivered and installed quickly, with minimal fuss
  • It enables you to get the best out of outdoor living at your property; you will be preserving your independence, thereby truly gaining the maximum value from your home life

Support every step of the way

Our service is a start-to-finish, top-to-bottom one for anyone who is seeking to have a outdoor platform lift created and fitted in their property. Our team operates in accordance with the following three-step process:

Design & Planning

We provide a highly professional lift design service to ensure your lift solution is designed to the highest specifications and is built to last. Working closely with our customers, we can produce CAD drawings, visuals and mock-ups to comply with the design provided.


Collaborating closely with your construction team, our experts will play an integral role in ensuring a seamless installation of your lift.


We offer full aftercare and support to all our clients, as well as comprehensive and cost-effective service packages to ensure your lift operates at optimum performance.

Design considerations for outdoor platform lifts

There are good reasons why we take such a bespoke approach to the design and fabrication of many of our platform lifts for our customers. Below are some factors that will necessarily influence the design process when you request that we create a platform lift for you:

  • Temperature. Your external platform lift will need to be capable of withstanding whatever extremes of temperature it is likely to face. This is why we fully test all our outdoor installations to ensure they can be depended on to always give optimal performance.


  • Drainage and protection. A platform lift being fitted outdoors – and therefore constantly exposed to the external elements – can make it more susceptible to damage caused by standing water or flooding. We therefore incorporate crucial elements into our lifts to guard against these risks, such as weatherproof shafts and pit drainage.


  • Non-slip properties. A lift being installed and used outdoors, will equate to a heightened likelihood of the installation coming into contact with rain and snow. This, in turn, could present a greater risk of slipping due to the associated moisture. Again, we take care to make sure our external lifts incorporate non-slip flooring to prevent this from being a problem.


  • Ventilation. You will want the experience of actually using your external platform lift to be a pleasant one – and that will include the temperature remaining constant inside the lift, whatever the temperatures may be outside the lift. This is something else that can be made a reality with the application of the right design and specification touches by a skilled team, such as that of Alliance Platform Lifts.

Get in touch to discuss your lift requirements

Traction or hydraulic cabin lift

– Capacity: up to 500kg
– Max travel: 18,000mm
– Speed: 0.15m/s
– Internal or external
– Doors: sliding or swing door
– Single press operation
– Reduced pit & headroom
– Bespoke options available

Hydraulic heavy duty cabin lift

– Capacity: 750kg – 1,500kg
– Max travel: 12,000mm
– Max cabin size: 1,700mm x 2,500mm
– Doors: sliding or swing door
– Usage: passenger & goods
– Single press operation
– Reduced pit & headroom
– Bespoke options available

Our Lifts

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