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Hidden Platform Lifts

If you are seeking to have the right hidden platform lift designed, fabricated, and installed in your domestic or commercial property, there will almost certainly be no need for you to look further than Alliance Platform Lifts.

We provide the complete bespoke service for those who would like to have cost-effective, functional, and well-made invisible platform lifts fitted at their sites.

From the initial concept and design, right through to the finer points of manufacture, installation, and aftercare, we will work closely with you on the realisation of an invisible platform lift that blends in perfectly with your broader premises.

About invisible/hidden platform lifts

While platform lifts routinely play an extremely important role across a range of buildings by enabling easy, quick, and convenient movement around a given site, building owners do not always wish for such lifts to be highly visible.

This might be especially likely to be the case for heritage and listed buildings, where there is frequently a desire for platform lifts to be discreet in their design, being sympathetic to the wider structure and character of the building.

In the retail and hospitality sectors, too, invisible platform lifts are often popular, including because of their potentially space-saving designs. A hidden platform lift can be created, for example, where there isn’t a need for landing gates, thereby minimising the impact on the surrounding space.

Features of our invisible platform lifts

Invisible platform lifts can incorporate a wide range of features with regard to dimensions, materials, finishes, technology, and operating systems.

Our team at Alliance Platform Lifts can work closely with you, to help ensure every last detail of your hidden platform lift satisfies the everyday practical needs you have for your building. All the while, you can be confident that your final lift design will embody the seamless elegance that further helps to make this type of lift so popular.

For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

Why choose us?

Good Sound Advice

From day one you'll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be your single point of contact. From planning and design, to installation and aftercare, they will be with you every step of the way.

Bespoke Platforms

Exceptional design is at the core of our business. When installing a lift in your home or business, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We work with property owners and interior designers to ensure your new lift is not only in keeping with the design of the building, but that it also reflects your personality and style.

Project liaison and support from concept, to installation and handover

We put significant time and effort in building strong face-to-face relationships with all our clients. Only by working closely with our customers, and their representatives, can we ensure that our projects always exceed expectations.

Service and Support for life

Our aftercare and service packages provide complete peace of mind. Our aftercare team has over 50 dedicated field service engineers located across London and the South East who are only a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Concise and clear costs on all of our lift projects

No job is too large or small and all our customers are given the very best support available. Alliance Platform Lifts has built a unique business by having knowledgeable and approachable people. So please call us today, even if you are at the early stages and just considering the options available to you.

Benefits of hidden lifts to users

For building owners and day-to-day users alike, a well-designed invisible platform lift can offer a broad range of advantages:

  • Being more pleasing to the eye than other types of platform lift, due to how well-hidden it is in the surroundings where it is installed
  • A rapid installation process
  • Convenient access from all sides
  • General ease and speed of use
  • Protection for the user
  • The space that it can save, due to the lack of a gate or outer frame
  • Impressive longevity, made possible by our lifts’ reliability, relatively simple and proven designs, and manufacture from the highest-quality materials.

Support every step of the way

Our service is a start-to-finish, top-to-bottom one for anyone who is seeking to have a hidden platform lift created and fitted in their property. Our team operates in accordance with the following three-step process:

Design & Planning

We provide a highly professional lift design service to ensure your lift solution is designed to the highest specifications and is built to last. Working closely with our customers, we can produce CAD drawings, visuals and mock-ups to comply with the design provided.


Collaborating closely with your construction team, our experts will play an integral role in ensuring a seamless installation of your lift.


We offer full aftercare and support to all our clients, as well as comprehensive and cost-effective service packages to ensure your lift operates at optimum performance.

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Frequently asked questions
What is a hidden platform lift?

A hidden platform lift is essentially what it sounds like; a type of platform lift that is hidden in some way in the wider structure of the premises in which it is located.

Typically, a hidden platform lift – also sometimes referred to as an “invisible platform lift” – is built into the floor to allow for the mechanism to be completely concealed. Such a lift may have a platform that remains flush with the existing floor, even when it is not in active use.

In what circumstances might you choose a hidden platform lift?

As a building owner, you may choose an invisible platform lift for any of a wide range of reasons. You might be seeking out a lift solution that would look elegant and be visually sympathetic to the broader setting in which it is fitted, at the same time as helping to bolster accessibility at your site, including for disabled users of the premises.

Properties that are used for hospitality and retail purposes often benefit from the installation of a hidden platform lift or several. The same can be said for historical and listed buildings, where it is frequently an especially urgent priority for a platform lift to blend in with its surroundings.

Traction or hydraulic cabin lift

– Capacity: up to 500kg
– Max travel: 18,000mm
– Speed: 0.15m/s
– Internal or external
– Doors: sliding or swing door
– Single press operation
– Reduced pit & headroom
– Bespoke options available

Low rise scissor platform lift

– Capacity: up to 1,000kg
– Travel: up to 3,000mm
– Internal/external
-Flexible pit and platform size
– Frameless glass and brushed stainless
– Bespoke options available

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