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Residential & Commercial Vertical Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift can be instrumental in improving the accessibility and usability of all manner of premises, for a broad range of people.

At Alliance Platform Lifts, we have an excellent reputation for our work in designing, manufacturing, and installing both commercial & domestic vertical lifts.

We make available various acclaimed models of vertical platform lifts. However, we also work closely with our customers on a bespoke basis, in order to create the vertical lift that works best for their specific site and requirements.

About our vertical platform lifts

The reason why you are looking to invest in a vertical platform lift for your domestic or commercial premises – to provide a means by which users can easily move from one level of a building to another – might seem straightforward enough.

However, the process of actually creating such a lift – including ensuring that it delivers aesthetic appeal, ease of operation, reliability, durability, and regulatory compliance – can be highly demanding and specialised.

This is why, here at Alliance Platform Lifts, we do not offer solely “off-the-shelf” indoor & outdoor vertical platform lifts. Our focus, instead, is on a highly collaborative approach, so that as one of our customers, you really can depend on us providing the optimal solution for your requirements.

Features of our vertical platform lifts

A vertical platform lift that has been designed, fabricated, and fitted by our highly qualified team can incorporate a wealth of sophisticated features and specifications.

Whether you are most anxious to ensure that the vertical lift we create for you is cost-effective, that it is extensively customised in line with your most discerning preferences, or that it can be installed at your commercial or residential site with minimal disruption, we can work closely with you to devise the most suitable solution.

Indoor & outdoor vertical platform lifts

We routinely create vertical platform lifts for our customers that are designed to look good, and function well, in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The latter, of course, presents certain challenges, including the need to ensure the final lift design is able to stand up against harsh outside weather conditions, while keeping the operator of the lift in the utmost comfort.

Our fastidious bespoke approach at Alliance Platform Lifts, drawing upon in-depth design and engineering knowledge and experience, means you can be confident of your final lift offering strong aesthetic appeal and consistently operating without issue in both internal and external spaces.


For further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

Why choose us?

Good Sound Advice

From day one you'll be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will be your single point of contact. From planning and design, to installation and aftercare, they will be with you every step of the way.

Bespoke Platforms

Exceptional design is at the core of our business. When installing a lift in your home or business, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. We work with property owners and interior designers to ensure your new lift is not only in keeping with the design of the building, but that it also reflects your personality and style.

Project liaison and support from concept, to installation and handover

We put significant time and effort in building strong face-to-face relationships with all our clients. Only by working closely with our customers, and their representatives, can we ensure that our projects always exceed expectations.

Service and Support for life

Our aftercare and service packages provide complete peace of mind. Our aftercare team has over 50 dedicated field service engineers located across London and the South East who are only a phone call away - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Concise and clear costs on all of our lift projects

No job is too large or small and all our customers are given the very best support available. Alliance Platform Lifts has built a unique business by having knowledgeable and approachable people. So please call us today, even if you are at the early stages and just considering the options available to you.

What are the benefits of a vertical platform lift?

Although a vertical platform lift essentially exists in order to transport its user from one level of a given premises to the next, it can offer a variety of further advantages to the day-to-day user. This can be especially the case when the customer benefits from the design and engineering knowhow and attention to detail that characterise our service here at Alliance Platform Lifts.

You might ask us about our commercial & domestic vertical lifts, with a view to ensuring the lifts you order from us can be as well-suited to outdoor environments as they are to indoor settings.

Vertical platform lifts can also be adapted for a range of potential uses, and can be designed and built to achieve the highest standards of accessibility compliance. That, in turn, will help ensure the intended people can use the lift in confidence and comfort.

Support every step of the way

Our service is a start-to-finish, top-to-bottom one for anyone who is seeking to have a vertical platform lift created and fitted in their property. Our team operates in accordance with the following three-step process:

Design & Planning

We provide a highly professional lift design service to ensure your lift solution is designed to the highest specifications and is built to last. Working closely with our customers, we can produce CAD drawings, visuals and mock-ups to comply with the design provided.


Collaborating closely with your construction team, our experts will play an integral role in ensuring a seamless commercial platform lift installation.


We offer full aftercare and support to all our clients, as well as comprehensive and cost-effective service packages to ensure your lift operates at optimum performance.

Commercial & domestic vertical lifts

While some of those who enquire to us about our vertical platform lifts do so because they would like to have the perfect high-end lift solution created for their home, we also cater to many commercial customers.

After all, a commercial or public site is likely to benefit from many more visitors and potential customers, if those visitors are made to feel welcome in the premises. The right vertical platform lift – or several – will be able to greatly contribute to this aim.

Vertical platform wheelchair lifts

Wheelchair users are likely to be particularly appreciative of how the right vertical platform lift can assist them in moving around a domestic or commercial site.

Disabled access lifts as designed, fabricated, and installed by Alliance Platform Lifts, can offer a variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexible and space-efficient design
  • A high level of visual appeal
  • Ease of operation
  • Impeccable quality and safety standards
  • Minimisation of the daily physical strain on the user
  • As little disruption as possible caused to the building where the lift is installed
  • Superb reliability

Get in touch to discuss your lift requirements

Frequently asked questions
What is a vertical platform lift?

A vertical platform lift, also sometimes referred to as a “vertical rise platform lift”, is largely what it sounds like; a lift that operates vertically, and that incorporates an either open or enclosed platform.

Vertical platform lifts are particularly strongly associated with wheelchair users, and are therefore often designed with the most urgent priorities of such users in mind. Such priorities include ensuring the platform lift is easy to use, while also offering the very highest standards of safety and reliability.

How do you install a vertical platform lift?

The specifics of the installation process will largely depend on the exact design we have agreed on with the customer.

Nonetheless, one of the consistent aspects of our vertical platform lifts is that they are designed and made to be assembled in modules, with the installation process causing as little disruption to the wider building – and its users – as possible.

So, whatever the size and other specifications of your vertical platform lift may be when you order it from Alliance Platform Lifts, you can expect our fully qualified team to install it quickly and easily. This will enable you to soon make active use of your finished lift.

How does a vertical platform lift work?

The fundamental purpose of a vertical platform lift is to transport the user – or goods – from one level to another, whether that entails the lift moving up or down.

So, every aspect of a given vertical platform lift’s design will need to be geared towards achieving this aim. Such lifts therefore tend to be spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair user, accompanied by a carer.

In addition, the lift will typically be designed for internal operation by the passenger, thereby empowering them to live their life as independently as possible, even if the user has mobility issues that would otherwise hinder their autonomy in their home.

How much does a vertical platform lift cost?

Various factors will determine how much a vertical platform lift costs. These include such matters as the specific type and model of lift that has been requested, as well as the operation system that is used for the lift, not to mention the materials and finish.

Something else that will influence the price of any given vertical platform lift, is the number of stops it will need to make around the property where it is to be installed. After all, this will impact on how much building work is required, and the all-round complexity of the installation process.

Traction or hydraulic cabin lift

– Capacity: up to 500kg
– Max travel: 18,000mm
– Speed: 0.15m/s
– Internal or external
– Doors: sliding or swing door
– Single press operation
– Reduced pit & headroom
– Bespoke options available

Hydraulic platform lift

– Capacity: 400kg (5 persons)
– Max travel: 7,000mm
– Speed: 0.15m/s
– Internal/external
– Swing door
– Glazed or solid panel lift shaft
– Minimal pit & headroom
– Bespoke platform sizes available

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