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October 2022

The benefits of office lifts

The majority of office buildings over 5-6 floors that now have an office lift have praised how efficient having one really can be.

There are many benefits from having a commercial lift but the most important one is that it allows easier movement from one floor to another without the need of assistance, this is especially true for the mobile restricted. A dda regulations lift can allow wheelchair users to move from floor to floor easily. 

Another advantage of having an office lift is that it can be catered to the specific needs of the office. This means anything from customised interior and external platform lift but also thinking about its usage it can be customised for the people who will use it the most. 

The safety for staff members in the office is an advantage of having a cabin platform lift for domestic private use. If for example, the employees are taking awkward or heavy items down the stairs, a lift can help alleviate the issues that come with potential trip hazards and fall risks on stairs when carrying these objects. 

There are so many benefits to having a goods lift and can be more cost effective to add to your building than several staircases. 

If you are still unsure or want to know more about what an office lift could cost or look like for your building, get in touch with our experts today. 

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