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August 2022

Top Lift Maintenance Tips

What are the top lift maintenance tips to ensure your lift stays in the best shape for as long as possible?
  • Keep up with regulations

Ensuring you are up to date with all the most recent regulations regarding your domestic house lift will allow you to keep on top of any safety changes or maintenance you need to have done. By staying on top of the regulations it gives you the opportunity to ensure your domestic residential lift is in working order and performs its best at all times. 

  •  Keep regular maintenance

By allowing regular maintenance of your home lift, it gives you the security that you are safe whenever you use your internal platform lift but also that anyone else who may use the lift is safe and secure as well. It should be planned maintenance and will include a scheduled maintenance plan from the moment you get your healthcare lift

  • Be proactive 

If you notice something isn’t right with the cabin platform lift, always be proactive with discussing this with your cabin lift provider. They will advise you on the best way to move forward with your platform lift cabin lift and what they need to do. Don’t leave it until your scheduled maintenance as this could cause issues for you before the maintenance. Always contact your bespoke cabin lift provider to find out the best course of action. 

  • Receive education of how to best care for your lift 

By receiving education on your goods lift, you can ensure that you look after the lift in the best way and it will help to bring down the amount of maintenance and potential call outs you need. By knowing your lift inside and out, you can be prepared for when things may jam or break and will know the best course of action to take. 

You can ensure you look after the platform lift in the right way which will help prevent any issues moving forward.

If you are unsure how to maintain your lift, contact your lift provider and ask for training or for a scheduled maintenance plan so you can truly enjoy life with a lift. 

Alliance Platform Lifts are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, exceptional and reliable platform lifts, cabin lifts and goods lifts, with cost-effective support for life.

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Alliance Platform Lifts are dedicated to proving our customers with high quality, exceptional and reliable platform lifts, cabin lifts ad goods lifts, with cost-effective support for life.