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August 2022

What are the benefits of getting a home lift?

Home lifts are becoming increasingly popular and are steadily growing in becoming a necessity in the home.

5 benefits to a luxury home lift

  • Accessibility

Making accessibility around the home easier with a dda platform lift, especially for those in a wheelchair or using a walking stick or for someone that struggles with the stairs like the elderly or young children. 

It can be used by everyone in the household including family members, home guests but it can also be used by those who need assistance with the stairs. It will help you and all those who use it to move things like groceries, cleaning supplies and heavier items from one floor to the next with ease. 

  •  Increased property value

Properties can go for up to 25% higher value once they have invested in luxury lifts for homes, this is because it makes the property more desirable due to the benefits listed below and more. 

It makes the home more attractive to potential buyers, as accessibility through to an older age is vital for a lot of people it makes it more important to have a home that could cater for them now or in the future. Also, having a domestic platform lift can be convenient for future home buyer increasing the overall property value.

  • Increased style to the home

Not only is it functional, helping you move things from one floor to another it also can add a sense of style to the home which is different than the normal stairs. 

With the combined effort of stairs and a residential lift, you can add style with the different colours and designs of the lift and tailor it specifically to your wants and needs matching the colour aesthetic of your home. 

  •  Save space

A lift can actually save you space, most people don’t realise that stairs can actually take up quite a lot of space in the home. Having a home lift solution could be an alternative to stairs, as it frees up space on every floor. 

There are even options to have outdoor lifts for homes. By having it fitted on the outside, you can save even more space in the home but still have the convenience of a lift. 

  • Futureproof your home 

Futureproof has become a buzz word in the industry and in the housing market lately as more and more technological advancements are being created for the home. Especially since a lot more people work from home, homes are being made with the future in mind. 

Whether it’s being able to order your weekly shop via Alexa or by asking your Roomba to clean the house, people are starting to use technology throughout the house more. By adding a home lift solution, you are essentially upgrading your home ready for the future. 

Nothing says futureproof home like a specially made lift designed with the future in mind. Alliance Lifts offer a range of luxury home lifts that are chic, sophisticated and state of the art. 

There are so many other benefits to adding them to your home, for further information or to request a quotation, please contact us to speak to an experienced member of our team.

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