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What Lift Series: Glass Lifts Benefits

One of the main benefits of luxury glass elevators is that they allow for natural light to penetrate deep into a building. This can greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting, which saves energy costs and creates a more pleasant and inviting environment for users. Glass platform lifts also offer unobstructed views, which can be […]

What Lift Series: Circular Lifts Benefits

One of the primary benefits of bespoke circular lifts is their space-efficient design. They possess a smaller footprint than traditional elevators and can be installed in confined spaces or areas with limited room. This makes them suitable for small buildings or older structures where space is scarce. In addition to the space-saving benefit, circular elevators […]

How to Improve Access to your Business Premises

Do you want to ensure that your business is accessible to all guests? By having premises that cater to people of all abilities, you increase your customer base, and in turn the success of your restaurant, hotel or shop. The public appreciates when a business shows that they care, and our platform lifts can help […]

Escalators vs Lifts: The pros and cons of each

Escalators are essentially moving stairs that allow the public to move up or down between different levels of a building.  Pros – [ ] Easy moving stairs  – [ ] Open stairs – this can be a pro for some and a con for others.  – [ ] Carry 20+ people at any one time  […]

The different types of restaurant lifts

Dumb waiter lifts and industrial goods lifts are designed to be able to move food or drink between floors easily and quickly. They can only carry a light weight but are sturdy and reliable as they move food and drink up to six floors high.  Trolly lifts are designed to carry heavier loads between floors […]

How safe are home lifts?

Can I fall out of the lift?  The short answer is no, the longer answer is that all luxury home lifts are designed with the home user in mind. This means that residential lifts are fitted with the standard self closing hinged door which creates a barrier to stop you falling out the lift whilst […]

The benefits of office lifts

There are many benefits from having a commercial lift but the most important one is that it allows easier movement from one floor to another without the need of assistance, this is especially true for the mobile restricted. A dda regulations lift can allow wheelchair users to move from floor to floor easily.  Another advantage […]

What types of lifts are best for commercial use?

A commercial lift with glass will also need to provide space but also look good. Depending on what type of business you have, depends on what type but generally we see commercial business purchase either a cabin lift, a platform lift, or a goods lift.  A cabin platform lift provides style and comfort as a […]

How lifts can help your business run smoothly

Department stores use commercial lifts for both customers and staff to easily manoeuvre anything from trolleys, to heavy items that can’t be transported via stairs.  Law offices can use commercial goods lifts for moving law files from one floor to another as well as for employee use to easily move from one floor to another.  […]

Top Lift Maintenance Tips

Ensuring you are up to date with all the most recent regulations regarding your domestic house lift will allow you to keep on top of any safety changes or maintenance you need to have done. By staying on top of the regulations it gives you the opportunity to ensure your domestic residential lift is in […]