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November 2022

The different types of restaurant lifts

There are different types of lifts that are used in restaurants and all are used for specific purposes to further the ability of the business.

Dumb waiter lifts and industrial goods lifts are designed to be able to move food or drink between floors easily and quickly. They can only carry a light weight but are sturdy and reliable as they move food and drink up to six floors high. 

Trolly lifts are designed to carry heavier loads between floors and in some cases can hold up to 300kg. They can serve the same amount of floors as most dumb waiter lifts which is 6 floors. 

Platform lifts are designed to be able to transport people ie customers or employees over multiple floors to provide easy access and mobility for everyone that may enter as it is a public building. 

The dumb waiter lifts and trolley lifts on the list are classed as service lifts as they provide a service to provide quick easy and reliable solutions where moving things from floor to floor is the issue. The customer lifts can be essential for any restaurants spread on two stories, it can allow people with limited mobility to access both parts of the restaurant especially if the facilities are upstairs. 

Depending on the size and building height of a restaurant will depend if all three types of lifts are necessary but these can all be installed easily and efficiently with our bespoke lift installation so it’s best to discuss your needs with an expert who can advise you of what you need and how to help you get started with restaurant lifts.

Get in touch with us at Alliance Platform Lifts and we can help guide you in the right direction for your business.

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